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    Please help me if you can - I don't know what to do next. The problem is my father, and some of his behaviour which is leading me to think that he is experiencing psychosis.

    My parents are separated and Dad has lived alone for 12 years. He is a long-time cannabis smoker and begun to believe, soon after he moved out, that his new neighbours hated him and were trying to unsettle him by doing things such as flushing the toilet at night (to wake him), switching their central heating on and off so that the pipes made noise, swearing at him through the walls, putting "bugs" in his electrical equipment to record his conversations, planting small cameras around his house, spreading rumours about him at work, and killing his pet cat.

    My grandparents tried to solve this by having his living room soundproofed, and visiting the neighbours to form a kind of truce. In reality his neighbours are an elderly couple in their 70s and they have a disabled son who they care for full-time. They pointed out that the cat was killed by a stray whippet dog, not them, and that they have never spoken through the walls. They promised to mute the TV after 10pm and not flush the toilet at night unless necessary (which it sometimes is as part of their son's care).

    The situation has gotten worse and worse over the years. When I or my grandparents suggest to my Dad that the problems are delusions, he becomes abusive and shuts down.

    Tonight, I rang him to arrange going for a drink over the weekend. He said "How did you get my number? Did they give it to you?", made me go through some steps to prove who I was, and said he was going to "a safe part of the house" to talk. I believe he was in the bathroom and has refused to come out for some hours due to the noises he thinks he is hearing in other rooms. In short this situation with my Dad has deteriorated to an extent where he is frightened all the time, sometimes aggressively so (which he sees as self-defence) and when he is drunk he talks about being "murdered" and similar things.

    I don't know how to help him. I'm 24 and he no longer listens to me if I try and "interfere" with his life. My grandparents are in their 80s and I don't want to stress them further. He has no-one else to help him.

    Sorry to hear this OP :/

    The best steps to go is to seek professional help.
    It may seem like a scary experience but I think it would be the best step to help your dad, before the situation deteriorates even more.
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