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Pg in International Relations - Durham vs Bristol vs City University London vs Bath

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    Hello everyone!
    I need your advice, I am an italian girl who just obtained last december a BA in Linguistic Mediation and Intercultural Communication in Italy.
    I then sent applications for a postgrad course in International Relations or similar course to many different uni in the UK and I got offers from:

    - Durham University - MA International Relations
    - University of Bristol - MSc International Relations
    - University of Bath - Both MA International Relations and a 2 years program Euromaster MA Contemporary European Politics (1 semester in Bath + 1 in Siena + 1 in Praque + 1 again Bath)
    - University of Exter - MA International Relations and MA European Politics
    - City University London - MA Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

    I am still waiting a reply for Edinburgh (Msc International and European Politics and Msc International Relations).

    I tried to find as much as possible on every uni, through this forum, QS Ranking, the completeuniversityguide and others, but not being a UK native I don't have a clear perception on what may actually be better! Some deadlines are getting closer and I must decide something.

    I know Durham and Bristol have a very good reputation, while Bath and Exter have a high students' satisfaction and good employment rate. City University has a really interesting course and I read it's a good uni and located in London, which could be an advantage, but looks very much behind in the rankings.

    Thank you very much for your help!!


    Congratulations on your admissions. Each programme has its strength and it really depends on your academic interests and goals. Do you wish to take electives/dissertation in certain areas? IPE, Development, Policy Analysis, Human Rights, Social/Gender Equality, Governance, Security, EU Relations etc? If you know yr interests, you can pretty match them with programme's strength. Example: For EU relations & governance, the Bath Euromaster is excellent. The 2 yr course allows you more time to take modules as your BA is not related to IR.

    There are certain indicators: Research institutes, concentrations offered, specialisation of some profs and guest speakers. I would also look at professional development opps outside the class room: Treks to International Organisations in Brussels/Geneva, project management (writing a grant proposal for NGO), Student UN workshop.

    I think Edinburgh MSc IR is quite established and offers various concentrations. Whereas City's course has a fancy title, but is relatively new and untested. Even among London colleges, LSE, UCL, King's and SOAS have better MSc politics courses.

    You can do the LinkedIn research of alumni in each programme and see where they work post graduation. You can even reach out to them.

    Good luck
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    Thank you very much Tcannon! It was really helpful! I will try to do some research. As per now, I was leaning towards Durham or Bristol, as Edinburgh hasn't sent me an offer yet, but I will definitly take again into consideration the Bath Euromaster as well.

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions and insights?


    All are good, as you say, but as someone who works (and hires) in this field in the UK I can tell you Durham is seen as slightly better by employers. Don't know whether that would sway your answer any.
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    Thank you Tal-grey! Every insight is very helpful. As per now, I'm leaning towards Bristol, as it has a great international reputation and I know a few people that went there and loved it! But the fact that Durham's national reputation is slightly better, stops me from deciding!
    Can I ask you if, in your opinion, Bristol is very much behind or the diffence perceived between the 2 is negligible? Thank you!
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