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Computer Games Art - any good advice for an EU student?

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    Hey all!

    I'm from Hungary, and I am planning on studying Computer Games Art at ARU from this September. I have received a great conditional offer which will not be hard to achieve, thankfully. I have also received an offer from another uni, but ARU would have been my first choice anyway, so I will put that second.

    My first question is, since I am a little nervous about it, is if I put Anglia Ruskin as my first choice and meet the requirements that have been specified in my conditional offer, will I be accepted for the course for sure? I will receive my final exam grades around the middle of June and at least a few days will be needed to have the documents translated to English as proof, so I am afraid I will run out of time.

    Second question is mainly for current and graduated Computer Games Art or other art students at the uni, but any other response is appreciated. What are your experiences about the course and the university? Did you get what you were expecting when you applied to the uni in general? Are there any downsides to it? Any advice would be highly appreciated, I tried to dig around the internet for opinions, but I found only a few about this course whatsoever.

    I am also very interested in accomodation and jobs around Cambridge. What is the cheapest kind of accomodation I can get around there? I am thinking about a shared house or apartment, because I have checked the prices of dorm rooms, and it seems like the cheaper option to me. I have saved up some money last year so I can pay for plane tickets and accomodation in advance but once I arrive to Cambridge I will be pretty much broke. Is it hard to get a decent student job? What kind of jobs are available there?

    Last but not least, I would like to know more about the student life. I am afraid I will have a hard time making friends and settling in since I'm from another country, not to mention I am a bit shy in general. I will try to make the most of it and get involved in clubs/societies, could you tell me anything about them and how they work? Also can you recommend any nice and cheap restaurants/bars and clubs, any concert places around town? I won't have much money so the cheaper they are the better.

    Sorry for making this so long and I hope some of you can answer! Thank you so much in advance! Have a nice day all!

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