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Newcastle Vs. Southampton for Music

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    I have decided that these two unis will my Firm and Insurance choices, the question is, which will be my firm and which my insurance!

    I am hoping some current students at either Newcastle or Southampton will enlighten me a little further...

    There are pros and cons which apply each university for me:

    Newcastle: Loved the vibe, the people and the city. Feels like its got a lot of interesting things to see and do in the city, and venues such as The Sage.

    I am really into folk music - and at Newcastle I'd have the opportunity to take modules in folk, and there's a big folk scene in Newcastle city itself.

    The only thing is, the course at Newcastle while great, would give me less instrumental tuition than Southampton. As a southerner, it would also be several degrees colder I'm guessing.

    I am also very 'into' early and Baroque music, which is where Southampton might be better.

    At Southampton I would get the opportunity to have free harpsichord lessons, and the opportunity to take up to 5 modules in any other subject I wish.

    There are other recorder players in the department and course, so ensembles etc would not be a problem, whereas at Newcastle, there wouldn't be any other recorder players, though this might not be an obstacle as I can still be part of baroque ensembles etc.

    They have several very good venues for music with renowned players performing there.

    The only thing about Southampton is that the town (quite frankly, no offense) seems pretty dull - mainly shops, and the Uni is, from my impression, full of middle class/rich kids (no offense again - I'm a middle class kid myself!).

    There would also be less folk, although they do have a folk society.
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Updated: April 27, 2016
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