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Murderous Miranda (Short Story)

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    I wrote a short story for the competition but forgot to post it in time. Anyway, here it is. It's Part 1 of a trilogy.

    Murderous Miranda woke up and thought about what she had done.
    She chuckled.
    No one would suspect how much planning and thought had gone into it, or exactly how she had pulled it off.
    She sat up and swept her hair back behind her left ear. People had always been envious of her shiny black hair, she thought. Looking to her left, sinking her hands in the sun drenched white sand she stared at the empty beach. Funny how no one else was here in mid-summer, but it was early in the morning.
    Miranda sighed.
    With a sharp in take of breath she mustered the energy and leapt to her feet. Bending down sharply she snatched the shovel and marched with purpose to the high tide where the waves covered everything exactly as she'd hoped. One, two, three, four... Without stopping and the momentum of her march behind her, she lifted both arms and thrust the shovel blade first into the air and threw it as far as she could.
    Before she heard the splash she'd already turned and started walking back towards the village, sun warming her cheeks and waves lapping to her right.

    "Morning Ed," she'd always liked Ed. He was always smiling.
    "How're your parents getting on?"
    "Oh fine, enjoying the Med at the moment, back in another month I reckon. See you soon."

    Miranda strolled on through the village listening to the birds, enjoying the peaceful morning, satisfied with her contribution to the day.

    :cookie: I like it. :iiam:

    (Original post by Captain Jack)
    Murderous Miranda

    (Original post by Captain Jack)
    her shiny black hair

    and here i thought it was a fanfiction for miranda sings
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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