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Corbyn's office censors Naz Shah's apology to remove references to anti-semitism

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    The original statement included a passage in which she said she wanted to take part in “an intersectional struggle, one where the concerns of Jewish individuals and communities are taken seriously and anti-Semitism is not dismissed out of hand or ignored”. This did not appear in the final version.

    Other sentences deleted from the draft after it was sent to Labour HQ include an apparent admission by Shah of a widespread problem of anti-Semitism among left-wing campaigners and deep concerns about the spread of “toxic conspiracy theories, group-blame and stereotyping”

    “We on the left must stop procrastinating and tackle oppression within our own ranks, especially anti-Jewish oppression,” Shah wrote in the draft statement. The sentence did not appear in the published version.
    Corbyn's office is desperate to suppress statements referring to the clear issue with anti-semitism that exists in the left faction that he leads. The fact is that this isn't an issue of "anti-semitism in the Labour Party" in its entirety.

    Those of us who are on the moderate Blairite wing of the party have a record of fighting anti-semitism and anti-Israel xenophobia that is beyond reproach. It is because Corbyn knows that these anti-semitism issues relate specifically to his faction of the party that he seeks to censor references to the way that his followers dismiss claims of anti-semitism out of hand and that they adhere to a mindset of "toxic conspiracy theories, group-blame and stereotyping" as Shah said in her apology statement before it was edited by the leader's office

    And now this;

    On Wednesday morning, Corbyn compounded the disarray over the Shah response by issuing a statement to the media saying he was happy with Shah’s “fulsome apology” before the apology had been published.

    Blairites are blue tories
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Updated: April 27, 2016
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