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What Is It Like Studying GCSE French

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    I'm about to pick my options and I am planning to do ebacc and to do the ebaccs I need to do French at my school. I was wondering what French is like at GCSE, how hard exams are ect.

    I'm going to be honest, a language at GCSE is hard unless you put the time and effort in to revise. I have already done GCSE French and am doing GCSE Spanish this year. Coursework makes up the majority of the grade, which is great and you should use this to your advantage. The exams can be quite hard unless you practice practice practice and learn the vocab. Learning a language can be helpful in the future and makes you stand out in front of potential employers. Good luck with picking your options and remember the best person to pick them is yourself

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    To be honest, GCSE french isn't much different from the stuff you would have learnt in KS3. I find it the easiest subject (being half french) and don't need to revise much for it. It's also nice to have a language as one of your GCSEs, something different from everything else

    These days you'll learn 10% from your teacher and 90% on your own if your looking for top grades in a language.
    That might just be me and my terrible language teachers but i assume you can take that to context meaning a lot revision will be needed.

    You must be in year 8/9 so you'll be taking the new harder GCSEs. The new GCSEs will be much less about memorising and much more about understanding and being able to think on the spot of the words in different tenses and in the correct order. There will also be less controlled assessment if I remember correctly.
    I personally found French very stressful because we were doing an intense 1 year course which left us a week to learn each controlled assessment which was difficult to say the least. That however was only my experience and I very much doubt you would have the same one!
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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