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HELP! Done no revision?

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    I've got all my IGCSES starting Wednesday next week and I've done no work.
    I cant find motivation or concentration to work and now Im just panicing that Im going to fail. I need to get 65 points (9 for A*, 7 for A, 6 for B, 5 for C, none for below) from 10 exams, as well as As in History, English Lit and Maths to get back in, otherwise I cant return to do A-Levels anywhere! In my mocks I did some work and got 69 points but I know some grades are gonna drop. Do you think im screwed? How can I save myself? Also I dont even have this weekend to revise. Will it be possible to do enough work and how can I get myself to do it?
    Thanks in advance

    There's no point in beating yourself up about the past - it's gone and can't be changed.

    You need to be realistic and do as much as you can between now and the exams. it looks like it's just a few days as you don't have the weekend.

    Get some past papers and mark schemes for IGCSEs.

    Work through some questions and use the mark schemes to see how much you know. You may well know more than you think as you did OK in the mocks.

    Do some cramming with flashcards to fill in the gaps. We have loads of IGCSE flashcard sets made by other students here on TSR.

    In terms of getting down to it, you know that you need to start now or you won't make it through to A levels which is what you want. Focus on this goal and be positive - it's now or never.

    Here's an article about getting through procrastination that may help.

    Good luck - let me know how it goes.

    Firstly, you need to get something to keep you motivated. Perhaps you have an end goal? You need to think of the future here & prioritise the right things.

    You say you won't be able to do A-Levels if you don't get those grades..so there you go: work towards that. Know that for the sake of your future (or goals, whichever) you need to work hard now and all that hard work will pay off and you will thank yourself

    If you still don't feel motivated enough, try watching a couple of inspirational videos on youtube. Look up videos on topics you like, to get you into the 'be better' mood.

    Also, don't stress about past mocks. They don't matter anymore, and you should be focusing purely on the actual exams not the mocks. I've known people who got D's & E's in mocks but came out with an A* in the actual exam, a few weeks apart. Subjects like history, business, chemistry etc.

    For the actual revision: use your best known methods to study. Are you a visual learner? Kinetic? etc. Use those to your advantage to speed up the process of memorising things. Use flashcards (these are good for cramming, because it can be written quick, includes relevant info, and can be carried to revise anywhere) & write out notes over & over again to get them into your brain, watch educational videos (if your understanding of the topic isn't that well) or even record yourself explaining a topic and play it back.

    Achieving A*s is hard work, and everyone knows that. So for you to get them, you NEED to work hard. Plan out revision timetables, or daily tasks, just to make sure to get it done everyday. Don't study too hard though because you don't want to burn yourself out before the actual exam.

    If you can't find time to study or write anything out, then like I said earlier just record yourself going over some notes/download videos (or podcasts) to your phone so you can revise anywhere, because literally any revision is better than nothing. Anything is possible if you believe you can do it, and trust me, you can

    Good luck.
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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