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BTEC national diploma in early years

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    is anyone doing this course at the moment?
    whats it like?
    im just curious as i am going to be starting it next year
    if anyone is please reply

    thanks!! :cool: :rolleyes:

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    hey......it is hard work! there are no exams which is bonus and placements are good for experience just keep up 2 date and hope you have a nice tutor. child protection is really interesting!
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    oh right
    thanks for the reply
    im starting at stevenage college in september,
    i just noticed your from hitchin,
    is that where you go
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    yep!!! the exact course ur starting i'm finishing! hope u don't get Bon or should i say bonita :eek:
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    oh right lol thats a strange coinsedence lol
    ooh ok lol

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    Hey im finishing it too, i dont think it was that hard but just make sure you stay on top of your work and try for Distinctions everytime and ul be fine. Hehe! I agree Child Protection is sooooooooo gud but u may have to wait for yr2 to do that cuz we did so stick it out.....oh and learning through play and curriculums is booooooooring as is Research (i think its pointless) but hey its gotta be done lol.......need any help in the future pm me x x x


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