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Physiotherapy as a Mature Student?

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    Hi there

    Ive been lurking around this pages a while now..
    I am a 36 year old married mum of 2. My GCSE results were ok..nothing special but my downfall was a D in Maths.
    I didnt do A levels back then as all I wanted to do was become a Police Officer which I did for the best part of 10 years in the Met.
    Following this I retrained in Sports and Remedial Massage and I now run my own business doing this based in a Private Physiotherapist Practice where I work with and alongside Physios treating people with all sorts of conditions.
    I now want to further my education and study Physiotherapy. I have looked in great detail at my options and have a place at College in Sept to do a science based access course and alongside this I would also retake Maths GCSE
    My only realistic Uni Option is the part time Bsc Physiotherapy at Essex, (The other option is potentially studying in Oz but thats another story!)Ive looked at the entry requirements and the access course would give me the required grades should I do well.
    Mindful that some NHS work experience would look good on my CV/Personal Statement, I have also arranged 2 days work experience at my local hospital for next month.
    I guess my question is.. Would I have a good chance at getting onto the course at Essex given my age etc, and does anyone have any suggestions as to anything else I could or should be doing to increase my chances. I am fully committed and have the complete support of my family and am willing to throw everything Ive got at this.
    Many thanks in advance.

    If your only realistic option is Essex then you should definitely call admission and explain you situation and see what they say. Competition is also pretty stiff since it is an NHS funded program, but with your wealth of experience will give you an advantage. The Physio's I know in their 30's complain how physically demanding it is and want to change career but I am sure you know what is involved, since you work side by side with them.
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