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help!!!who is the rebound..me or her??

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    I was staying at a hotel a month ago and one of the employees there was attractive and he used to stare and me and I used to stare at him lol. I asked about him to one of his co-workers and he ended up adding me on facbeook. We became friends and just a few days after starting to chat we started discussing more personal details..he was the one who started the conversation about that stuff and asked me about my exes etc..and how they were lucky..he mentioned a girl he liked who he asked out last year and was rejected and how he waited for her for one year..when I asked him who he wants to be with right now he said her and one more person and that was me..keep in mind we hadn't spoken in person before and only on facebook/text but we used to just stare at each other..

    A few days later I told him another employee from that hotel asked me out and I said no..immediately after I told him this, this guy started talking about that girl he asked out again and how he wants to ask her out one more time..I thought it was weird that he mentioned her as soon as I mentioned being asked out by his coworker..

    he eventually did ask her out again and she rejected him..after a few weeks he told me he loves me and asked me to be his gf..I agreed..and then he told me he wanted to do this for many days but after hearing that I was asked out by his coworker he thought I'd reject him too so he was scared..

    so who was the rebound? his old crush or me? he liked this girl for a year and rejected other girls because he was waiting for her..but went back to asking her out for a second time only after hearing that i rejected his coworker...so him asking her out for the second time a rebound because he thought I'd reject him? or was I the rebound?

    This has been worrying me so I want to know.

    Imo a rebound is where you have split up from a previous relationship and then eneter a new one as a reaction from that break up.
    He was never in a relationship with the other girl, so it cant really be a rebound with eother you or her..

    He's told you he loves you, but he doesnt know you.
    The fact its worrying you is a crazy waste of time. Date him dont date him.

    (Original post by sparklenshine)
    who was the rebound?
    Not sure you fully appreciate what a rebound is. Impossible to second guess the guy, he seems to genuinely like you, and his excuse does kind of make sense (albeit that he sounds a little immature), so just keep your eyes open and let his behaviour, going forward, be your guide
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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