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Abstinence at uni

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    Hey everybody,

    After being hurt several times by "****boys", I'm trying to get more savvy with deciphering who is a "****boy" and who isn't - even though that I usually go for seemingly nice people. This includes not hooking up with people or having casual flings outside of some kind of a committed relationship. I'm even considering just being abstinent for a year or two to let myself heal (I guess?) from idiots who I have experienced.

    I'm kind of worried that I will stray away from this at uni, especially with the expectations of Freshers etc.. I understand that this is mostly an effort of determination but I was wondering if anybody else has done this or how difficult it was. It's not as if I've been a sexual animal prior to uni, but I just wondered how people have dealt with this and how much of a pressure the first year of uni in terms of this...

    Well, I'm kind of forced to be abstinent due to lack of opportunity but, honestly, if you have even the most basic of willpower than I would say anyone is capable of doing this.

    However, I would also recommend you do research to try and discover why you always end up with these types of men. Where I go to uni, this sort of thing is rife, and I've discovered it's because the girls here are unwilling to look at themselves and identify where they themselves are going wrong. Self-reflection is a good thing.

    Take time out. Heal. Focus on your social and academic life. When you're feeling ready, try again.

    stay away from ****boys, to them you are just number #x on their **** list.

    One of my friends at uni was religious and believed in no sex before marriage. She wouldn't bring anyone home but that didn't stop her meeting lots of people and getting with them on a night out. You could just do that.

    I don't understand your post. If you don't want sex, don't have sex.
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    Thanks everybody and I mean, yeah of course I understand what you mean Leftee, I mean seems completely logical, right? But I think I'm just skeptical of how easily people may get caught up in the expectations and energy of university freshers life

    University is not skins

    Too many people believe all the crap that is on TV

    Some people go nuts for a few weeks, some don't
    You don't have to be a hermit and you don't have to have a bacchanalian orgy
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Updated: May 7, 2016
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