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Non-consent fantasies?

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    Not naive when there's no such thing as "before social constructs"

    And we can't say that we know the fantasies of our ancestors. But, we do know that for a very long time we have had gender constructs and fantasies often come out of taboos. So the woman who fantasies about being dominated by a male she cannot attain or the female who fantasises about dominating a male.

    I mean to properly answer it would be to look at the psychological and sociological etiology of fantasy.

    Aside from all that, you can see how the definition and expression of romance and sexual arousal have changed. Men looked and behaved a lot differently in early cinema and literature - at least in the context of romance and particularly when aimed at women

    A strong male figure is probably a common fantasy but that doesn't necessarily translate to dominating the female. I'm really not sure where this concept comes from because when pop culture references are aimed at women, men are confident but respectful. The most successful male romantic lead for a while, was played in a bumbling, harmless way. The income those films generate suggest that women's only drive is the "alpha" male who cares little for his conquests but women are grateful to be conquered anyway is actually a falsehood

    When you look at the stuff aimed at men..yeah the men becomes almost caricatures of masculinity. They're muscly and tend to think less as a commonality but the main character manages to possess testosterone and analytical thinking. But the largest commonality is that they protect the women. They treat their wives and girlfriends really well and show, in private sensitivity, vulnerability etc. The wife becomes symbolic of safety. The women enjoy the man's status among his male peers. They don't swoon over a man who has little respect for women and wouldn't take no for an answer.

    So I am genuinely curious where the opposite idea comes from if it's not actually represented anywhere except porn (soft or hardcore)

    That concept of man of many men is actually way more akin to evolution than the pornified version of male sexual dominance over women.

    bit weird mate
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Updated: May 3, 2016
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