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Economics vs Accounting + Finance

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    I know there have been loads of threads about the differences between an Economics degree and an Accounting and Finance degree but I just want to know a bit more.

    I would like to go into a career in investment banking or trading, although obviously I fully appreciate how competitive the industry is and I know a lot of hard work at A levels and at university is needed to get there rather than just expecting to walk into an IB job after graduating. Found an article online that said 34% of London banking jobs go to people with a degree in accounting, business and/or finance, 24% economics and 11% maths and statistics - does anyone know if this sounds fairly accurate?

    Having looked at Russell Group universities data on which.com, I've seen how Economics degrees tend to have higher entry requirements than Accounting and Finance degrees - I looked at all the RG unis and 5 other good ones for each degree and 17 had entry requirements at AAA or higher for Economics degrees (about half were A*AA) but only 8 had AAA or higher A+F. Essentially what I'm asking is whether the typically higher entry requirements for Economics as opposed to A+F mean it is more respected?

    I noticed there was a slight difference in the average offer numbers as well, average percentage of people offered a place for Economics was 71% in the same RG+5 universities mentioned above; A+F average was 64%. Does this difference mean anything or isn't too small to really look into?

    I didn't take too much note of the average graduate starting salaries on which.com although the Economics degree ones tended to be higher than Accounting and Finance (rough guess £27k vs £22k). I know these figures need to be taken with a pinch of salt and there's so many other factors other than degree subject that affect starting salary, but again, is it pretty accurate to say that you can expect a better paying job with an Economics degree than an Accounting and Finance degree?

    Obviously there's no data on difficulty as its massively subjective, but does anyone know which degree is considered harder?

    Apologies for basically writing a short essay on this, didn't mean for it to be this long haha. In a nutshell I'm asking;
    1. Which degree is more suitable for IB/trading?
    2. Does the typically higher entry requirements for economics over A+F mean it is a harder and/or more respected degree?
    3. Is there any significance in A+F candidates getting slightly fewer offers than Economics candidates?
    4. Do Economics graduates earn more than A+F graduates?
    5. Which degree is harder?

    I know I should be focusing on more important issues right now like my AS exams but this is a bit of a distraction from it and I'm working hard anyway.

    Thanks a lot if anyone can help answer any of my questions, would really appreciate it. Good luck with exams for those of you that are having them in the next two months. Hope I've posted to the right forum, feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place.
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    IBD and S&T at BB won't really have too much of a preference over the two degrees (unless you plan to go into DCM or macro products but even then it wont make a huge difference). What is important is the university you go to.
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    (Original post by RooT_Fifteen)
    IBD and S&T at BB won't really have too much of a preference over the two degrees (unless you plan to go into DCM or macro products but even then it wont make a huge difference). What is important is the university you go to.
    Ah right, thank you
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