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Which way to turn?

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    Hi everyone

    Been lurking this site for some years since I started college in 2010. I left college & went straight into work as I had had enough of education & wanted to get out into the world earning some money. I fell into footwear retail & absolutely love it (well, the footwear side, not so much the retailing!) & have now decided at the age of 22 that I want to study Footwear Design at DMU.

    Obviously I have a few things to think about. I've decided I want to study part-time for a few reasons. I think I would make the most of the course this way - I don't want to get stressed & end up rushing assignments/projects etc; I want to put 100% into it, I think I could make bigger waves, make more contacts & develop more in six years than I can in three & also I have commitments financially so I need to be able to earn a decent amount at the same time.

    My issue is that I currently have a FT job within the industry but I work hard. At present I am just ticking over energy & motivation wise so I feel that with my current role I couldn't manage university as well. My job only just manages to cover my outgoings BUT it is within the probably the worlds biggest footwear company but I absolutely adore the company & their name obviously looks good on my CV so...

    Do I find work in an unrelated industry which is better paid & less stress or do I stick at it to have the companys' (sp?) name on my CV OR do I get a job within the industry with a smaller company for the same money but obviously less work load so I can put the most into my studies?

    & for anyone else who studies this course, what is the timetable like? I've tried to contact the university but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that replies

    You really need more information.

    1. Have you asked your employer to see if they will sponsor you to do the degree? that would seem to solve it all? Talk to the training HR people.
    2. If you are only just ticking over now, then with a degree and p/t work you will be earning much less, so figure out how much you need.

    3a) Unrelated industry , more money and less work stress? possibly if you cna find such a job.
    3b) Smaller company and less work? Thats a call by you. You might get better exposure, but your current company you like.
    3c) same company? If yu can get more money or better exeperience , then yes.

    4. Getting the timetable. Honestly you just need to persevere. If they dont respond to an e-mail then phone or letter are harder to ignore. its not likely they will give a imetable but you cna get a syllabus and they cna indicate how many contact hoyrs per week and home sudy they expect. You should ask if you cna go and visit plus have an informal chat or meet with a current student rep.

    Btw isnt there a shoe designers organisation or forum you can ask on?
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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