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Please help, need advice for exam withdrawal

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    Hi , I am retaking year 12 at a different sixthform, with the following subjects biology media business and general studies (compulsory). I have been withdrawn from from sitting the two as exams of business and biology , for reasons of which were unclear , and consisted of puntuality issues ( authorised) and "attitude issues ". I felt that I needed some advice so I went to my previous sixthform I had attended who know a lot about my personal life and the problems I had encountered and I was advised and told that as the exams are linear this year, that As results don't really count and he doesn't know why they are not letting me do the exam. He also stated that the fact that they made it impossible for me to go into year 13 ( as you need 3 passes and I am only doing 2 as subjects due to being withdrawn ) is also wrong. I live on my own in a supported accomadation since I was 17, I turned 18 this feburary. I was also told about the withdrawal of exams really late, therefore the deadline to enter privately had been over. It really seems like they have a personal grudge, and by all means do not want me to progress further. What shall I do please help

    Wooh unlucky. A bunch of people got withdrawn from exams too in my school really late but some of them got re-entered because parents of the students threatened legal action with the headmaster. You can do that but if not you have to try re-take in a different school. Most schools don't take retakes but my brother had the same problem so he to lie to get into a different sixth form by saying he took a gap year. So you could lie i guess lol :/
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    What legal action could you take? What are the schools breaking
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Updated: May 12, 2016
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