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bullying... how do YOU overcome it?

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    What do you think is the best way to get over bullying? This day and age, it seems like barely anyone knows how to be a decent human being. Bullying is something completely unnecessary and serves no purpose other than damaging delicate individuals. We are all delicate in some way and we are all going through issues, the last thing anyone needs is someone pointing out their insecurities and making them feel even worse. I know these days it’s especially hard to avoid throwing shade, making faces or rolling eyes at someone, or just blatantly leaving someone out.
    From experience, I can tell you that some of the harshest, coldest bullying doesn’t even happen face to face. I think times have changed and it is easier now more than ever to bully someone. People may not know they are bullying someone when they leave them out of something, make a meme of them go viral, or make some other comment towards them, but the truth is, they are all forms of bullying, they are all forms of disrespect.
    To me, a perfect world wouldn’t have bullying of any kind, and everyone would be content with themselves. No one would feel insecure or badly about themselves, and no one else could make them feel badly about themselves as well. However, I know that the world is not perfect, and bullying happens all the time. Some of us have the ability to brush it off and pay it no mind, but what happens if someone else isn’t that strong? Or if they all of a sudden get tired of sucking it up? How do we make them feel better?
    I think that the first step to combating this issue is self-esteem. I think the more you have, the less bullying affects you. It can be a journey trying to build it up and is a difficult process that I’m sure not even adults have mastered yet, but I think that as long as we identify that we have the power all along, bullies can’t get to us. I don’t know if this is the only way, or even the most helpful way, but I do know that it is a journey like no other.
    The process of building self-esteem is so important in a young, developing, person’s life and no outside factor should hinder it, especially not bullies. I know not everyone has this mindset, and there are going to be mean people and bullies in the world no matter what, but I just think the key is to be so happy with yourselves that making fun of you makes them look dumb. The way I’ve gone about it is through slowly (but surely) building my own self-esteem, and doing things that make me feel worthwhile as a person.

    Paragraphs are your friend.

    I'm glad I got bullied in school. It made me a stronger person.

    (Just skimmed through, sorry. Listen to Infamous* )

    Yeah, you make a good point-self esteem is key.

    One time, someone called me fat but at the same time she said she was joking.

    I never took this literally to heart because i have always been slim and that comment seemed rather strange.

    I do believe it was a joke though, hence why i just brushed it off.

    (Original post by BristolFresher15)
    I'm glad I got bullied in school. It made me a stronger person.

    (Just skimmed through, sorry. Listen to Infamous* )
    good for you, I just hope those who are bullied can be as strong as you and grow up to encourage people that its just unnecessary in the first place. let them grow up in peace
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Updated: April 28, 2016
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