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How do I proceed with Hannah the Student Nurse...

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    I agree with really? You make a play on the superior intelligence, but you are now throwing a deficient personality and stinginess into the pot. The balance has shifted. You could always test the water and say you have tickets and buy them after, which is bad because its a lie, but would save you money.

    (Original post by Mojo Banjo)
    lol won't it be a bit creepy to just add her on fb?

    also my fb pp already looks better than I actually look IRL lol

    hmm ok that seems like a good idea - the reasoning of something bigger/better - my only concern is that it would involve more investment of time and interest for her - like a bad drink date is easy to forget and leave quickly but a whole concert - what if i turn out to be a prick? She might not say yes as easily for those reasons.
    No man, people add people on Facebook they hardly know all the time. If you've talked to her and texted her then it's fine. How did you get her phone number/email btw?

    Thats good.

    And yes thats a possibility - but just try not to act like a prick lol.

    No offense but how old are you? This is written either like a troll thread or by someone under 18 due to writing style (and mentioning stupid regional accents which seems to be inviting a response)

    Is this that awesome gene thing?

    Yes Liking how you kept her hanging on and played hard to get.

    (Original post by Mojo Banjo)
    Basically there was this girl at work called Hannah.

    She is incredible. She's 5ft 10, incredible bone structure, long blonde hair, blue eyes, no stupid regional accent (e.g. Brummies, Welsh, Yorkshire etc), reasonably clever and currently single.

    No kidding she looks like this: http://cos.h-cdn.co/assets/cm/14/25/...es-lead-xl.jpg but she's not that confident or rich. Its like the jackpot as far as i am concerned.

    Anyway all that is great. Problem is that she likes dance music, yoga, vegan food, being liberal and annoying. We have no common interests. I had to be extremely guarded with her. I felt like if I let myself talk naturally id have insulted her three times in one sentence. So I pretended like I was really nice person. It made a little nauseous but I was OK again once I got back in my fast car and shouted at some women drivers.

    Basically I just want her to like me. I love her. I want her so much.

    All communication with her at this stage from now on has to be online due to reasons beyond my control. But I want to ask her out. What do I say??

    This is what I have said so far. See the way she takes AGES to reply - she knows she's hot. And those x's - does that mean that she's DTF?


    Please help.

    You are infatuated. Your penis loves her, you don't.

    (Original post by really ?)
    Okay, heres what to do.
    1. Add her on Facebook
    2. Change your profile picture - make sure you gel your hair/have a good hairstyle, put on some sunglasses, wear a suit/smart clothes and pose your arms so you look muscular. You will then look like an 8/10.
    3. Find out which music artist she likes.
    4. Message her saying something like 'omg! I can't believe you like 'X' artist.
    5. Buy two tickets to the music artists concert.
    6. Message her saying you were going to go to the concert with a friend but he doesn't want to go anymore, ask her if she wants to go.
    3-6 can be anything shes really interested in, the music artist was an example. If she likes opera buy an opera ticket etc. Chances are even if she doesn't like you that much she will be so desperate to see/watch it that she will still go.

    She is a 9/10 so she will have been invited to countless bars/coffee shops by men, you need something bigger and better (no innuendo intended)

    Good luck!
    Buying women things before you're even dating them seems like it sets a pretty bad precedent IMO.
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Updated: April 29, 2016
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