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Always have pain in my privates (male) and think thats why I can't get aroused.

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    Little background, I was shy when growing up due to bullying and because of performance anxiety I never attempted to lose my virginity as that would destroy my very low self esteem.

    In my early twenties I did finally get a girlfriend but hated her personality and looks and just wanted it so just got semi which wasn't pleasurable for either of us.

    Did have a few times when I got really excited and it really did make a difference, was so long that my skin was too tight but I loved the feeling of being in a woman.

    After a terrible family death my self esteem was destroyed despite just before that finally coming out of my shell, being popular, getting best night sleep of my life, finally getting a good job and such.

    It was difficult to get beyond semi after that but at least I could get a semi, then one day I felt this pain inside the penis just under the head like a pulled muscle sensation and 5 years have passed since then and it hasn't got any better, even when im aroused all that happens is I get a bruised like feeling inside it which is sore (not end of the world sore but enough that I feel bad enough to not leave the house)

    I did ask the doctor who just said lose weight and get a good diet, and after a while gave me some viagra which only works if I take it first thing in morning on empty stomach and I need to be horny (which is difficult first thing in morning) the whole time, my mind wanders for a second and it goes back to nothing.

    And its still sore witht hat but less like a bruised/sprain feeling and more like I have sat the wrong way.

    Doctor hasn't even examined it.

    The weird thing is I have too high testosterone so this shouldnt happen in fact at times double the normal level yet I am weak and tired all the time and timid.

    Have you talked about this at a sexual health clinic, rather with a GP?

    What makes you think your testosterone level is so high?
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    (Original post by unprinted)
    Have you talked about this at a sexual health clinic, rather with a GP?

    What makes you think your testosterone level is so high?
    2 years ago had some tests done and it was low for a few months, they put me on some gel and I actually felt relaxed and confident for a while then they told me it was double what it should be.

    Had tests now and again since then and they say my levels are fine and don't understand as I am a very hairy guy, deep voice etc.

    Can't say I have ever seen a sexual health clinic around where I live.
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