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Birkbeck vs Northumbria. Pls help me decide!

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    I'll be doing a business post grad come September and have unconditional offers from both these unis. I also intend to work on my startup whilst at uni so am also looking at the uni with the best support and opportunities to network, industry etc.


    I like Birkbeck for it's reputation and teaching style (more individual instead of group work -from what I've garnered). I also like that it's a very central location and they constantly have startup talks, events.

    Dislike: Evening classes

    Northumbria (London campus)

    I prefer the modules at Northumbria more than Birkbeck.
    I really like that they have a Start Up Hatchery dedicated to helping students build their startups
    They also have startup talks/events
    They seem to be a really up and coming business school
    I've also been given a scholarship to Northumbria

    My only hesitation is it's an ex-poly and not as well ranked as Birkbeck. Which university do employers favour more?

    Also, if you're currently a student at either university, it would be great if you could just let me know a bit about student life,overall campus feel, accommodation, graduate prospects, what lectures are like, what you like/dislike.

    Northumbria seems to be winning. Don't worry too much about rankings. It's the content of your degree and the other bits that you mention that'll make you stand out.

    Northumbria has Business School of the Year and the teaching team are well experienced. The London campus is very friendly and the tutors and support team get to know you and want you to do well. Northumbria has a great reputation in helping students start up their own businesses too.
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Updated: May 28, 2016
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