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Which one is no1 sport among kids(boys)in england?football or esports?

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    which one get more attention among kids?premier league or esports events(like lcs or csgo major)?

    (Original post by singleday)
    which one get more attention among kids?premier league or esports events(like lcs or csgo major)?
    Football by a long way

    Well I'll quote myself from the other football vs Esport thread.

    Nope.... main reason?

    Video games don't really excite people who don't play them. I also don't mean in general, more as that specific game. Say there is a LoL or starcraft II game on esports, I can tolerate it but I wouldn't choose to watch it seeing I understand absolutely nothing about the hyper competitive side despite being a gamer myself and having dabbled in those games myself (especially star-craft). When it comes to people like my parents, non gaming/nerdy friends etc nothing at all will encourage them to watch the sport.

    By comparison with other sports such as football, cricket, rugby, ice-hockey etc are much easier for people to follow and are outside the gamer niche.

    Tbh the most I can watch in terms of esport is counterstrike, but only to a certain extent. I also don't understand why certain games are so popular. Again using counterstrike as an example, I will never understand why such an inherently broken game still proves to be so popular, never mind those like CoD, Halo, LoL etc.

    (Original post by JustaSpork)
    My biggest problem with e-sports is that it is framed entirely in an American form of entertainment which just doesn't work for me. There are so many breaks, too much analysis between games, so I just watch other content instead, then watch the finals as VoDs.

    E-sports is gaining popularity, they are building an e-sport venue in London, so it'll be interesting to see how that goes. I think it's honestly already at the point of no return in terms of building a stable foundation, and decent standards. Plenty of players have already been caught taking drugs and there isn't really a way of fixing it now.
    The main difference is most people don't care if people take recreational drugs..... it's like wow! young people taking cocaine.... shocker there.

    I mostly don't understand why such hype surrounds these things where most of the hype seems to come from the advertisers, broadcasters and gaming media themselves.

    All the gaming groups I've been involved in and my current gaming clan may have the odd mention of a good game, but by large all I've really seen as a result of such stories, esport controversies etc is the respective comment section having a few comments and that's about it. Even at Lan Parties and Gaming festivals I've never really experience a massive buzz regarding esport events unless you go to the first few rows, everyone else seems quite indifferent.

    Tbh for esports to improve the games need to improve and I personally think competitive style games are pretty rubbish atm.
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