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Warwick, Leeds or TCD?

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    Hi everyone, it really is not an easy decision to make so I'm asking for advice here!

    Though obtained an LLB degree,my undergraduate study was the more on the theory of criminal investigation, not law. When it came clear that I could not join the police force as I expected, I decide to further my study, say, attend an LLM program to broaden my career option.

    I recently got offers(or con offers) from TCD (masters in law), Leeds(international legal studies) and Warwick(advanced legal studies) and is now having a hard time considering which to choose...

    I've been to Ireland before, studied there for a whole year as exchange student and I love the country, though lived in Cork I went to Dublin several times and thought it's absolutely beautiful. But the thing is, I've already been to that country before, is it better to try somewhere new, form new experience?

    Secondly, about the academic aspect, I know Warwick has a wonderful overall ranking but law is not its strong point and, I don't know if it's right or wrong,when thinking about law, I tend to think those old and traditional universities (red brick like Leeds or 400 hundred years old like TCD)would do better.

    Then about the price, Warwick is considerably more expensive then those two, Leeds is in the middle and TCD is the cheapest (I'm non EU, the exchange rate difference between GBP and Euro means that though TCD and Warwick share the same figure in tuition fee, TCD is about 20% cheaper)

    Finally other stuff, I saw some comment about Warwick's weak point is that it is “in the middle of nowhere”, that won't be an issue for me, I'm not attached to crowded big cities(now live in one of the most crowded). The good thing about Warwick and Leeds is that it won't be difficult to find student accommodation, TCD this year only offers 40 rooms for PG students and it's highly unlikely I could get one. I'm quite concerned about safety issues and I know some areas in Dublin might not be that safe. I don't know about Leeds or Warwick.

    So, any advice?
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Updated: April 29, 2016
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