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For those of you who play guitar.

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    How long did it take you to learn?? Could you pick up how to play songs that you liked just through your ears etc?

    Starting songs:

    Smoke on the Water <===== Always number 1.

    Highway to hell.

    Whiskey in the jar

    Learn the basic chords: A, B, C, D, E, F, G

    How long you take to get better depends on how much time you put in. You'll be able to play a lot of intermediate level stuff within a few weeks if you play for a few hours every day.

    I learned very slowly years ago via weekly lessons, but I know I could've progressed much faster by just playing stuff to myself on a daily basis.

    It took me a week to play chords and very basic songs, the first complete song I learnt was Youkai Mountain which I learnt after a month of playing
    I wouldn't learn B and F chords in the beginning they are a bit tricky
    But definitely learn A C D E and G chords. Also practice both chords and finger picking. Hey There Delilah is a good finger picking song and I guess Viva La Vida is good for learning basic strumming
    Also I find playing by ear extremely hard on guitar (Well at least hard compared to piano)

    Well I've been playing for about fifteen years and there's plenty more I can learn.
    How quickly you become proficient is dependent on how much you practice and how dedicated that practice is towards improving your abilities rather than playing for fun. I can't remember the last time I played something with the sole intention of improving my skills. When I learn new songs it's because I think it would be nice to know them rather than because they're more difficult than what I can currently play. These days most of what I play is just going through songs I like and noodling around writing new ideas then eventually recording them.

    6 months and I can play any metal song I chose after an hour or so of learning the song

    I started by playing paranoid and one

    Been learning via weekly lessons for four months now having sort of faded in and out as time allowed at university for four years (so the basic skills were there - chords and the like); Generally can play a riff from a song given half hour or so to go over a tab and listen to it to get a feel for tempo.

    Can't reproduce a song by ear though, no.

    I learned pretty slowly right at the start, then very quickly for maybe a year and a bit, then slowed. Due to lack of formal practice I'm crap now after almost six years, was better several years ago lol. So that kind of demonstrates the importance of sticking with things. With regards to songs, to be honest I'm not great with my memory, but I can play something with the tab in front of me reasonably fast, depending on the speed. Most of the time I couldn't do things by ear, or at least not perfectly; I could get the general gist.
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Updated: May 14, 2016
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