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Interesting Battles/Generals?

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    I have to do a 20min presentation on anything I want as long as it's related to Archaic or Classical Greek Warfare. About to read a chapter on the entirity of the Peloponnesian War to try and get some idea's but as I don't study Classic's for my degree I thought I might ask for some idea's here.

    Any particularly interesting battles or generals that anyone could recommend? I just don't wana be the douchebag who does Thermopolye or do Marathon or Salamis *snoooooooze*

    A Level Classics student here: There's a couple of battles from the Persian Wars that're just as interesting as Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis, but maybe not as popular.

    Artemisium happens at the same time as Thermopylae, and relied heavily on Leonidas to hold back the Persians on land whilst parts of the Greek Alliance held them back at sea. If the Greeks had lost, it's likely they would've lost naval supremacy to the Persians and lost the war.

    Plataea's also really good as an after-note to the invasion; Xerxes has left control of a smaller army to Mardonius, who tries to battle the Greeks alone to avoid being blamed for the Persian defeat. Athens is sieged for the second time, and the battle afterwards on their retreat though Attica puts a final end to the Persian invasion. Honestly, I find it far more interesting than Salamis or Thermopylae as a battle.
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