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Help for prefect application form!

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    I finished writing up what I wanted to put for my prefect application from and I wanted to see what people think of it. Positive comments and constructive criticism only please.Here it is:I wish to be a prefect as it brings many opportunities to me and allows me to offer KES my full potential. I know I have what it takes to be one. (32) I want to help everyone and encourage them in what they do. I want to provide a safe, comfortable and positive atmosphere for everyone. Furthermore, I wish to enhance my CV with this golden opportunity. (35) I find myself to be a reliable, polite, responsible and hardworking person. I truly feel I have the initiative and confidence needed to become a prefect. (26) I have undertaken leadership roles at my primary school and my previous secondary school, as school council rep, achieving the aims of voicing everyone's opinion and to make a change. (30) A situation that has occurred frequently is leading. I have undertaken the role and shown leadership skills. Another situation is working together/independently. I feel I can work with anyone or independently, as I have the confidence for it. A third situation is that I show assertiveness every day. I stand up for myself and others, and voice our feelings/opinions. (59) My personal qualities are that I'm friendly, approachable, understanding, well-behaved and respectful. These qualities are what makes someone an effective member of the SLT. (24) I truly do feel that becoming a prefect will mean I have obtained another academic achievement. Something I can discuss with family and friends, or reflect on when applying for a job. (32) I wish to offer my service to the best of my ability. (12)
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