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Pensioner, 77, told mother in hijab: 'You look like you're about to b0mb the place'

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    There is women abuse, child abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and physical abuse. I'm not if racial abuse makes the case, and if it does I'm late to the party.

    Hajibs wearers aren't a race though You could be white, asian or black and wear a hajib.
    Good thing he did get charge. He can't just walk on streets and tell any person with a hajib that.
    Someone had to stop him.

    An observation in this thread, many people have assumed it was a bloke even though it states clearly in the OP it was a woman.
    Just remember that next time we see feminist's stating male assumptions as evidence of deep-rooted misogyny in western society.

    (Original post by ivybridge)
    You are essential labelling and condemning an entire sector of society for the actions of few, and fuelling hatred against them out of fear, confusion and a need to explain the things that are happening in the world.
    we'll see your opinion when Sharia Law is in place Lol!!1

    (Original post by CarlTheCuck)
    we'll see your opinion when Sharia Law is in place Lol!!1
    "Lol", it never will be.

    (Original post by Mojo Banjo)
    Accusing someone of being a terrorist bomber?

    How would you feel if someone turned around and made that accusation at you in a serious way?
    it wouldn't happen, I'm white
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Updated: May 1, 2016
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