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Roy will never be sacked because the F. A. only expect qualification

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    Something I realised remembering past managers and how they left.

    For all the fan talk of being a team that should be at the top end of tournaments, the F. A. seem to see it differently. As long as you qualify and don't say anything stupid (but feel free to DO all the stupid things you want), you've succeeded.

    And then there's the big money long-term contracts they would give managers before tournaments. If they were worried about tournament results, they would've renewed all those contracts in July, right?

    Hodgson - Still here. Survived 2012's questionable performance on and off pitch, and getting 1 point in Brazil 2014. Ok, they had a hard group.

    Capello - Resigned after F. A. took control of team matters. Survived poor South Africa 2010 performance. Maybe they should've sacked him if they thought he wasn't up to the job of picking his captain?

    McClaren - Sacked after failure to qualify. Ok.

    Sven - F.A. never sacked him and even had him stay until the 2006 World Cup despite courting any club with money, any sheikh with an offer and any woman with a mouth.

    Keegan - Resigned right after losing at home to Germany in last Wembley match, but asked to stay. Survived Euro 2000 group exit to Romania.

    Hoddle - Sacked for comments about disabled, but only after 'hours of meetings' about it.

    Venables - Announced resignation in January 1996 to deal with dodgy dealing court cases

    Taylor - Sacked after failure to qualify. Survived Euro 1992 despite nearly failing to qualify and then drawing with France and Denmark and losing to Sweden, with a team of World Cup semi-finalists.

    Robson - Rather than sacking him after failure to qualify for Euro 84 (being bettered by Denmark) or after 3 losses in Euro 88 group stage (including against Republic of Ireland), F. A. did nothing. Then announced before the 1990 World Cup that he wouldn't have his contract renewed even if he won it.

    Greenwood - Resigned after improving performance

    Revie - Found way out after trying to do deal with UAE. The F. A. were in uproar and tried to ban him for 10 years... even though they had been tapping up Bobby Robson the whole time.

    Ramsey - Sacked after failure to qualify against Poland.

    Winterbottom - Resigned after being hounded by press for 'failures', something that would sadly become the norm.

    I.e. the FA aren't bothered at all, they leave it to the clubs to decide whether to give English players a chance (but because of PL money very few do). And the job of national team manager suffers as a result doesn't it? Zero football ambition from the FA and only content with making up the numbers in a tournament. Like one Arsenal FC

    Yep.. run by morons.
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Updated: May 1, 2016
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