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Operations Management Report question

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    Hello fellow students!

    Could someone please help me to break down this quesiton or trsnslate it to non-business language as even my seminar tutor couldn't explain to my group what is the actuall question... thank you guys!

    "Coursework OverviewThis coursework enables you to demonstrate an understanding of the principal tools, concepts and techniques covered in the lecture topics, and the ability to apply those to a real life example.

    This assignment represents 35% of the total marks for this module.

    Coursework RequirementAn individual management report analysing how operations management is conceived, supported, delivered and developed in a chosen international organisation.

    Your report should address the following: Operation’s performance. Supply chain strategy. Capacity and/or inventory management.Within your report, you should introduce relevant theories in the form of a brief literature review, and consider the following: What critical issues or problems emerge in the particular organisation’s context; How the organisation is responding to them;  In what ways the managers or practitioners perceive the issues and responses; How we can interpret and evaluate the findings in light of the literature; and  What we can suggest for improvement.

    Your report should be 1,500 words in length.(excludes executive summary, list of references and appendices)"
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