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uni accomodation- ensuite or not?

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    Hey, I'm trying to choose where to apply for accommodation and I'm thinking Glen Eyre and Wessex Lane but I can't decide whether to go for a non ensuite at Wessex Lane for first choice or the ensuite category 2. Is the ensuite worth the extra money, whats the difference between cat 1 and 2 ensuite? I noticed that the contract was 2 weeks shorter in category 1 is that an issue?

    Also thinking non ensuite cat 3 and cat 2 at Glen Eyre as 3rd and 4th choice so if anyone stays there or knows anything about them that'd be really helpful!

    Also which halls/ rooms are more sociable and fun? I heard from someone that flats with ensuites can be a little unsociable sometimes which seems odd but idk?


    Hi. I have lived in two en suite rooms, at Mayflower and at Glen Eyre, and I can tell you that I personally prefer en suite. I just can't imagine sharing a toilet/shower with other people (in Mayflower I lived with 8 others and in Glen Eyre with 4 others) but of course, you can be different. I just had a childhood growing up sharing one bathroom with another family in my house, and I prefer privacy and keeping my bathroom clean - I'm unsure if the non en suite showers are cleaned by cleaners, though. (The en suite are not just btw).

    I personally think en suite is worth the money, for me.

    I lived in cat. 2 in Mayflower and cat. 1 in Glen Eyre, and I think the biggest difference is that cat. 2 has a double bed. It was nice to have a double bed, but the single bed in Glen Eyre is quite nice too - it has a wardrobe thing under the bed.

    I'm not too sure about the contract but I know I won't be staying until the end of the contract here in Glen Eyre (the contract ends July 1st). I want to move out asap and go back home. The last exams this year are near the beginning of June, and results tend to be emailed to you...

    I'm not too sure about what hall is more sociable. I personally found Mayflower more sociable and louder than Glen Eyre, but I don't know much about other halls and their character, sorry!

    I hope this helps.

    Hey guys,
    I have got an accommodation offer for Glen Eyre Chancellors Court, Non-ensuite room. I however have a preference of an ensuite room. I called the accommodation team and they said a room swap might be possible if anyone would want a non-ensuite room.
    If anyone would be interested in a swap, and has a ENSUITE ROOM, please do contact me.
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