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Why do girls have such high e standards

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016
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    In real life they seem much more reasonable, despite what the internet claims they don't actually only date 6 foot 2 millionaire models or actors. However reading some posts on this site it's easy to understand why people can get this impression. It's alright to find someone unattractive but the amount of posts I see here where girls call someone who's a ****ing model average or even ugly because of some minor detail like their eyebrow being asymmetrical is just plain ridiculous. You don't seem to see this in guys who's standards seem to go mental for any girl who even posts a picture on this site, so why exactly do girls feel the need to do this? Is it to somehow make yourself feel better because you know they wouldn't look at you twice in real life?

    Oh, just go away. This is the wrong forum and generally just wrong. Because you've seen a few girls who - ideally, and most likely not practically (as in, if the perfect man they describe were to turn up they'd date them) - have high standards, all girls here are narcissistic and stupid? Stop. No. You know that's not true, you just want controversy.

    And don't even try to say some men don't have high standards because they do. But only some men. Some men want girls who don't wear make up but still have perfect, flawless skin, or girls who are shorter than them, or girls with long hair, no glasses, freckles, big lips, big breasts, big arse but not a big tummy. But that's only some men.

    And what you're describing is only some women.

    And I very much doubt they're saying that is the ONLY type of man they'll ever lay eyes on.

    ...And looking at your post history, you're either trolling, trying to start a debate or simply a bit off.


    my standards
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