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Should I ask this girl for a 2nd date?

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    I was out with a girl I met on PoF the other night. It seemed to go pretty well, we we out having a drink for a few hours. She seemed really into me (despite me probably coming across as a bit inexperienced). We were kissing a lot throughout the night and by the end of it we were on the dancefloor, she was grinding against me a lot and at times it was like she couldn't keep her hands off me (I think she could tell I work out).

    It was getting to the point where she had to head off for the last train so I said about staying at mine. She said she'd rather not but said on a few occasions that she wanted to meet up again. I hope I didn't give her the impression that I was hell bent on just getting into her knickers, when really it was mostly because I didn't want the night to end as we both seemed to be having a great time.

    I don't know if she was saying about meeting up again just so she didn't hurt my feelings. I texted her when I got home to say it was lovely to meet her, wanted to see her again etc but most of her texts the next day have just been fairly standard smalltalk and she hasn't replied to my most recent text, not that there was a lot in it (more smalltalk).

    She might have had a busy day, but I dont know if she's just not interested and is too polite to say.

    Should I just ask her out for a second date even though she's not replied to my last text? I don't want to look needy and insecure, but at the same time it would be good to just get a straight answer

    Ask her and see what she says.

    I agree! let her breathe for a moment though - wait for an answer and don't ask her out still. Program a whole thing (idk, cinema and then restaurant or concert or anything but something clean, proper, that is just waiting for an answer from her) and then say "well if you're interested I have this for you…"
    Then you'll see!

    She probably wouldn't have said that she wanted to meet up again just to protect your feelings. Send an interesting text rather than the small talk stuff and ask her if she wants to see you again, theres nothing to loose.

    (Original post by dean01234)
    She probably wouldn't have said that she wanted to meet up again just to protect your feelings.
    This is true.

    I've dated someone who was really clingy over another date and in the end I had to decline because he was just so desparate, which is really off putting.

    Seems like your first date went really well. You can understand her being a little uncomfortable staying at yours seeing as its the first time you've met. I doubt she thinks you just wanna get her into bed. Just ask her and have a firm plan, like other posters have suggested. Good luck
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