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Brother not talking to me and it hurts...

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    Basically my brother has stopped talking to me - well, we both stopped talking to one another a few weeks ago as he always becomes really rude when he is drunk and he has upset me far too many times in the last month, so we both figured it's best just to not talk. He also ruined my birthday and his behaviour has been like this ever since he got married - now that he has a wife it feels as though he just doesn't think I'm that important anymore and can't be bothered with me. We used to have our moments before he got married, but now it's just worse and so much more frequent. His wife does tell him he's wrong, but he just can't seem to stand me.

    I feel deeply, deeply hurt by his behaviour. It kills me seeing how he is getting along with the rest of my family (mum, dad, his wife) but then he just completely blanks me out... even though he is the cause of all of this! He makes out as though I am in the wrong; I do get angry when he upsets me, but everyone in the family knows that he always triggers it for no reason. I live away for university, but over the summer I am at home so will be seeing him every day. I really wish I wasn't at home right now. I know that whenever I go away he misses me, but I just want to be away from him and not have anything to do with him anymore.

    I don't know how to cope with not talking to him. Neither of us can talk to one another now as too much has been said recently, and it's just way too much hassle than it's worth as within a few days we'll end up falling out again. I feel like since he has got married I have just lost him forever - I don't recognise the person he is becoming... he is actually evil. I don't know how to get over this

    It doesn't help that recently I've been in the house a lot as I've got a heap of assignments to get through. I'm applying for jobs for the summer and am planning to be out of the house as much as possible then. If anyone has any advice/ similar experiences that would be great. I'm generally very family oriented which is why I am finding this so tough to deal with.

    Maybe talk to your parents and the rest of your family. Im not sure they should have to intervene, although if you are findining it as ipseting as your post, then they cna have a word with him about his behaviour.

    Imo I would just give him space and get on with my own thing. If he doesnt already know that you find his behaviour diappointing and if he wnats to talk then you are available, but other thna that i would just ignore him. I just wouldnt let him upset me becayse that sounds like he is doing it becayse he can get a reaction.

    Its only a few weeks which is no time at all. Do your coursework, get a job, move on until he decideds he wants to talk. Dont get into arguments with him as you just make it worse.
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