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Should I be mad at him

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    So basically my bf and I have been officially together for a year. Since we didn't bother with v day we decided to do our 'anniversary'. I know money is tight for him atm so instead of going out I got us a fancy M&S ready meal thing. I got him a fan guide book to a TV show he loves, he seemed kinda disinterested in it but I let it slide assuming maybe he already has it but didn't want to hurt my feelings. The next day he still seemed really vague and was ignoring me. We'd planned to go for a walk so I got up early and packed a picnic. Btw it wasn't me forcing him we'd already planned the night before that we'd g and it was his idea. Midday and he still wasn't awake so I went to wake him up.. I wanted to be out by this time but he said he wanted to eat lunch first so I said ok. Half 2 and we'd still not gone. He was on his phone on fb ignoring me. So I realised he didn't want to go out so suggested we stayed in and played cards or watched a movie instead.. He still sat there ignoring me. At abiut 4pm I was so bored and upset I just left and went home. Today he called asking why I left in such a bad mood I told him he'd upset me but he didn't get it. Am I unreasonable for being mad at him. Btw he's not normally like this.

    I don't think he was deliberately trying to hurt you, but having said that he should have put more effort in and paid attention to you. You have a right to be mad at him.

    If he wanted to go then just didn't bother to get out of bed then I would be a tad upset, is he stressed out due to work? maybe he is unhappy not having much money either way think you two do need to talk about these issues.

    Yeah, I'd be annoyed about that, but then I'd also ask him what's going on instead of waiting for something magical to happen.

    The key to a successful relationship is communication. If you're both unable to express basic thoughts and feelings to each other after a year, it's not going to last long before one of you explodes.

    "I was annoyed at you because of X, Y and Z. It made me feel like 1, 2 and 3"
    "I didn't realise, sorry. I was thinking about a, b and c" .....

    I think speaking from experience, you just need to talk to him. What is missing here is communication! Once telling him exactly how you feel and why you feel it, he will know what's wrong. Whatever you do, don't keep this to yourself. You guys must be very good together if you lasted for a whole year so congratulations for that as well -Tanisha.

    Omg that is infuriating. Talk to him and say what you were upset about is the best way
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Updated: May 2, 2016
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