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Aqa igcse English literature

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    I'm sooooo worried about this exam. I find it really hard to understand the unseen poetry poem and I can't annotate it. I also don't no how to write a good answer for any of it. Has anyone got any tips or advice?? Thanks

    I'm sitting the same exam as you! Using the TWISTUP method helps me with unseen poetry. I didnt come up with it, but its helped me and alot of my friends.

    T - TITLE - What does it suggest about the poem?
    W - WORDS - What stands out? Why have these word choices been made?
    I - IMAGERY - Talk about similies, metaphors, pathetic fallacy etc.
    S - STRUCTURE - rhyme scheme, rhythm, line length, etc.
    T - THEMES - What is the message of the poem? What are they key ideas?
    U - YOU - What is your personal reaction/emotional repsonse to the poem?
    P - Any other poetic devices used.

    If this didnt help, theres alot of videos on youtube and on other revision websites about it! x
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Updated: May 9, 2016
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