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Why is my dad so invasive, possesive and so lazy?(possible power trip?)

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    Let's start off with the first.

    He always wants to know where everyone is and what everyone's doing at all times, if we go out and he finds this out he'll ask where we go and what we did etc and yet when the family ask him where he goes, he never tells us a shred of info, just that he goes out. He always makes it seems like it's wrong to question him whenever he goes out and ask him where he's going.

    The type of possessive i'm talking about is controlling possessive. When he goes out and never tells us, mum always got sad and cried when he left but no more. Currently the situation is my dad wants my mum to stay at home and still tend to running the house i.e doing almost everything, paperwork, washing clothes and dishes, looking after my brother and I, taking us to school. While he also wants a divorce at the same time. You can't have the best of both worlds. So my mum is out working at a takeaway every night while my dad being the lazy mofo he is just sitting in front of his computer watching films and playing candy crush. Many times over has he been offered many chances to earn even some money even if it's a small amount but he just refused. No idea why but when you're in a situation like you'd be happy af to even have a chance to earn money.

    So lazy ties pretty much everything together about him playing games refusing to work even when our financial state sucks so much and we're in (millions?) of debt(and estimate when i said,a year or 2 ago, will a million pounds solve everything and they said no). He's pretty much willing not to do anything.

    All my dad cares about is outward appearances so he goes to places and builds up his appearances bsing and lying about everything saying that he does all this for his kids etc etc making him look good. The sad things is that when relatives are told the truth about him they don't believe it since he's built up such a fake image of who he is. My mum phoned up and told my auntie and she couldn't believe what she heard coming out of my mum's mouth(the truth) even though my mum had recorded an argument she'd had earlier with my dad(he just gave bs arguments and refused to listen to any sort of compromise and anything that didn't benefit him and his way of life).

    He's a lost cause with no morals and no sense of logic.

    Why do people act like this ?
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    no answer? :/
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    can a mod \thread? and delete this then?
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Updated: May 1, 2016
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