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Shall I move for 6th form? Very confused

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    Basically I'm in year 10 thinking about 6th forms because I have to apply in October or something and I'm really confused about what to do. My school is really good and I like the teachers and the girls in my year are super nice but I'm pretty done with the actual school you know. I've always been set on moving and going to this one school that's really popular for 6th form. I have a few reasons including that it's like a 10 minute walk from my house, I've heard really great things, it's state so saves lots money and it's mixed and I don't have many boy friends. I don't really want to go through to university spending my whole life so far in private girls schools ygm? So I was really set on it but I've met some rly nice girls but they tell me about how cliquey it is and most of the other girls I know from there are frankly *****hes. This really makes me doubt the reasons why I want to go. If I know most of the girls then would I really be meeting knew people? I really like some of my teachers would I get the same relationship with them at my new school? Should I really risk my a levels? Should I really move school for boys as that sounds ridiculous? Btw at this school they don't push you to work you have to try and do well and you will, I think I'm pretty self motivated though. HeLP me I'm so confused

    I have always gone to state school, I moved from a terrible state school to a much better 6th form. I knew a few people from work, and I made friends with their friends and now I have amazing friends, I have enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. My new school is much better than my old school so it's just a different type of people, if you didn't want to do well you didn't go to my old school, you went to my new school, and I'm finding it a lot more pressured because there are so many people better than me! The teachers are a lot better and have done a lot to make me feel welcome but I don't have the same relationship I did with my old teachers, I don't think that's bc I moved though, I think it's just that they're different people. I'm happy I moved, I feel like I needed a change, and I wouldn't have any friends If I'd stayed at my old school bc they all moved away too, and I think I will get better results here, but I still miss my old school and the relationship I had with everyone there

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    I think the cliques disappear when you get to 6th form, everyone's friendship groups change completely and most of the *****es leave, and everyone talks to everyone bc you've grown out of the cliquey *****y stage and you all have better things to worry about

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Updated: May 1, 2016
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