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Audiovisual translation master - UCL, Leeds, Roehampton, Middlesex or City Uni ?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    I applied to postgraduate Audiovisual Translation courses at UCL, Leeds, Roehampton, Middlesex and City University London. So far, UCL, Middlesex and City have given me unconditional offers, but I still don't know which uni to choose, and I'd like to see what your thoughts are.

    I sent some emails to certified translators around London, and one of them answered back saying she studied just that at Roehampton and highly recommended it, praising the tutors and the quality of the research and teaching.
    However I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Roehampton, and I'm sceptic.

    My next choice would be UCL, the comments are better, although not all positive, and I just wanted the opinion of someone who's studied there, possibly in the same department (multi-disciplinary and intercultural inquiry).

    I've heard good things about Leeds too, but I'd like to be living with my bf next year who'd be looking for a job in anything having to do with TEFL teaching or cultural things (he studied Classics and Italian). I'm not sure the North is the best place to be looking for a job right now.

    Middlesex and City are at the bottom of the list right now, so unless you tell me they're bloody amazing and that's where I need to go, that's where they'll stay

    Thank you for your replies!

    Hello, I want to apply myself so I can't really help you as a current or past student but I think UCL is the best for two reasons: Jorge Diaz Cintas, the God of Audiovisual Translation ; and the programme they have to offer, including the options are perfect for me. So perhaps compare all the programmes for the masters and decide which one suits your needs best!
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    Deadlines were coming up and I had to make a choice, and I picked City. The thing is, I absolutely want to translate with both French and Italian, and City was the best for that, they have workshops in which you can translate with any language you want, and they make you collaborate with professional translators. UCL bluntly told me that if I wanted to take Italian, I'd have to take a separate Learning Italian course, mostly for beginners. I heard good things from alumni in City so I went for it.
    It's great if UCL suits you, but in the end I didn't like what I heard from it (not necessarily the course but also the atmosphere there) and I had the feeling that UCL based a lot of things on it being part of the Russell group, but didn't necessarily made all the right efforts. I don't live in the UK and so I can't visit the uni, but if you have the opportunity to go to an open day, it would probably be very helpful

    Thank you so much for your reply, and congratulations on finding the best option for yourself and making it!!
    I am glad you told me this,you see I was just absorbed by the guy who helped making Centras and all his work within the AVT field which I qualify as pioneering, and I never really researched feedback regarding the atmosphere there
    I will definitely go to an open day and get more feedback from students. I also want to translate with French, may I DM you please as I would love to know more about what you've heard about the unis, and maybe keep in touch about your experience in city?

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    Yeah sure, I'd be happy to help! It took me ages to figure out which uni I wanted to go to, and I was changing my mind constantly.
    To make this short, I went to check reviews on google maps (yeah, I know ) on clicking on each unis. Thing is, people are more likely to go out of their way to write a review if it's something negative, so that wasn't massively helpful. A friend's friend studying engineering at UCL said approximately that the atmosphere at UCL was sometimes...distanced, and that people didn't always mingle loads but that's because the campus is small and in the centre of town, which can be said of any London uni. I'll try to find his exact message.
    Overall, I just found the staff at City a lot more available and helpful. I got my UCL acceptance through an automatic email inviting me to check their online platform, whereas City sent a personal email, and the day after, if that, I received the preparatory reading list and an email asking to confirm my language combination. Then, the program director Karen Seago asked if she could have a Skype chat with me, in which she wanted to make sure all the questions I could have were answered, and she asked me about my interests. She actually opened the chat by asking what I was reading and watching and I started talking of Game of Thrones. Then, whenever I still had questions, I sent her emails and she always sent me fast, detailled and informative replies. She put me in touch with alumni and I can forward their emails to you if you want to read what they wrote.

    If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a private message, I'd be happy to reply
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