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BTEC Business

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    I am really confused about coursework because the class i'm in has gone through 5 teachers since year 10 and no one knows what to do and with no Business teacher currently in the school it is a even bigger nightmare.

    Does anyone here know all the pieces of coursework needed?

    All I really have done is the Finance exam at a L2P and a few word documents as part of the coursework...

    Most schools will do different units so it will depend on the what units you are doing to which pieces of work that you are doing. I am sure that the school will sort something out soon as if you all fail it will make the school look very bad. If not I would get your parents/guardians to ring up the school so that they can sort something out.

    I did BTEC Business last year and this is all I can remember:

    Unit 1: Enterprise in the Business World
    -Create a convincing Business Plan
    -Asses local and national risks to a start-up
    Unit 3: Branding
    -Choose 2 brands
    -Promotional Mix
    -Create your own brand and choose appropriate promotional mix
    Unit 4: Customer Service (includes role-play)
    -Choose 2 businesses
    -Assess the ways they satisfy customers & compare
    -How to deal with different types of customers
    -Factors that can affect customer service expectations

    Sorry, that's all I can remember. Hope it helped.

    i am doing business admin level 3 whilst doing an apprenticeship and any help with assignments or anyone doing something simerlar would be much appreciated

    (Original post by carlalouise1991)
    i am doing business admin level 3 whilst doing an apprenticeship and any help with assignments or anyone doing something simerlar would be much appreciated
    which units you doing for business?

    the units im doing for business currently include:
    Unit 1
    Unit 3
    Unit 4
    Unit 13
    Unit 31
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