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LSE (econ and social policy) or UCL (social sciences with Quantitative methods)??!!

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    please help me choose which uni I should firm?
    I'm really desperate and don't what I should do, esp. with the deadline being 2 days away.

    Background info:
    My career aspirations: at the moment, I want to work in govt/social policy making (but I might change my mind in the future)
    For me, the most important things to consider when choosing my degree:
    -interesting course. –easy. –good career prospects. - The uni environment

    Lse - econ and social policy (AAB)
    Pros: 50 mins away- close
    Most prestige- so probably better employment prospects
    Everyone says lse is best for econ (& it’s no.1 for social policy)
    Cons: Student satisfaction is low
    Most difficult course. More likely to end up with a 2:2 degree.
    Little flexibility with optional modules

    UCL- social sciences with quantitative methods (AAB)
    Pros: UCL has good reputation
    40mins away-closest
    Job prospects- apparently there’s a gap in the market for quantitative skills
    (Quantitative methods)- Part of £20 mill Q-step programme gives ‘access to (but not guaranteed) summer courses, 6-week paid internships, specialist training, workshops and conferences, personal tutoring throughout the programme.’
    Assessed through a mixture of exams, essays, (group) presentations, practical exercises-> Not sure if this is a good thing? (but probs less stress about end of year exams)
    Cons: It’s with ‘IOE’ which just joined UCL last year- has less prestige
    New course (introduced this year)- uncertainty. Don’t know how it’s going to be (i.e how difficult it’ll be?)
    Have to do a language course in 1st year (I didn’t take a language gcse)

    Any help/ insight you can give is appreciated!!
    Which one do you think I should pick??
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