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Work Experience

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    I only decided that I wanted to do medicine recently, around January/February. Due to medicine applications requiring a lot of work experience/ job shadowing, I emailed a lot of contacts,such as a GP, a hospice and a couple of care homes. All of them have either not replied or declined. Should I keep contacting other care homes or facilities like that or should I look to alternative methods like Food Bank help? Any help/advice would be really useful!

    I'm afraid I can't be much help here, but I would keep applying to the sorts of places you are already applying to and I would also start applying to other types of places like the ones you have mentioned. In other words, don't give up on the first method but try some other ones as well.

    Have you emailed them directly?

    I would strongly advice to apply via the NHS jobs portal.

    I'm in the same position, looking to get some work experience in the two summers before submitting my application. I searched for HCA (Health Care Assistant) positions in the NHS portal and there were alot of positions. Go for it!

    Keep trying.
    Have you phoned the ones who've not replied to you?
    It is often not easy to get work experience, and requires contacting a lot of people.
    Try as many GP practices as you can - write to them or e-mail them, and then follow it up with a phonecall as well.
    Have you tried hospitals in your region?
    With the hospice / care homes, make sure you are clear on what you are asking for - do you want 'work experience' shadowing a certain role, or do you want to volunteer?
    If you have any family / parents of friends / friends of friends of friends then it goes without saying to try to use any contacts - but not everyone has these (I didn't know anyone).
    As has already been said, it is still useful seeking volunteering experience in other places at the same time as trying to find some work experience, as it is useful to be able to demonstrate both work experience and commitment to volunteering, if you can.
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