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Graduate- So confused

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    So I am a really ambitious graduate. I got a 2:2 in my degree which I now realize I shouldn't let hold me back to do what I want in life. I just feel incredibly confused about what I want to do.

    I want a stable career and teaching was my aspiration a first but I had some doubts and didn't end up going for it in the end. Now honestly I don't know what I want to do and I have such low confidence I can seem to apply for anything.

    I don't really have friends to go through the whole job search process with. I work as a secretary at the moment but I'm so bored with my job that i have been doing for nearly 2 years since graduation and I cannot believe I am still there! I have not felt like I have grown or learned anything in my role.

    I have doubts about everything and I always get scared of job descriptions and reading about different careers that this whole process is incredibly hard!

    Finding out what you want to do? You have a number of approaches. Use your careers service or sign up to the nationalcareers service. Identify the skills you like using, then identify the jobs which require those skills. Look on Amazon or go into the library , careers service or bookshop and they have a whole section on books to assist with finding out what it is youd like to do.

    You are the person who knows what you want. Put aside some time each week to research things.

    Books like What Colour Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles can be found for pennies on ebay or amazon. Any edition.That can take you through the process.
    Once you understand about skills, then it will be easier to read job adverts, what they ask fro and how you match up. Many skills are transferable.
    If you identify where you are and where you wnat to go then its just a case of joining the dots.
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Updated: May 2, 2016
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