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Where to apply for a ski season?

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    I'm currently doing my A2's and have deferred my uni position until 2017. I'm looking to do a ski season in the coming Decemeber and am looking for positions in Switzerland or France. I'm just wondering if anyone has just finished or done a season in the past with a company they would recommend.
    I can't find where to apply for larger companies like espirit or crystal which is ideally who i'd want to work for. Most of the companies on Natives.com I've never heard of, and so I just wanted to know if anyone has done a season with them?
    Or if anyone knows how/ when to apply for larger companies?

    Any help would be appreciated


    Ive just come back from working as a chalet host for a season in St Anton in Austria with a company called Bramble. I had the best season with them- you get extensive training in which you meet all the managers of the company who are lovely (who take you out and buy drinks), you don't work catered weeks every week there is a mixture between catered and self catered meaning you get evenings off, you don't have to cook because they employ chefs meaning your job is to serve the food and clean. Job wise my ski company was similar to Scott Dunn which is another high end/ luxury ski company.

    As for St Anton its known as a party resort. So if you like to go out a lot this is the resort for you. You can ski quite far (not as far as some places) and you can also take a 10 minute bus over to lech. The off piste is insane and the pistes are quite advanced but don't worry if you're not an amazing skier because I started off the season a beginner and quickly improved.

    Season workers is a good website to find out more about different jobs and companies. They also post when they are recruiting. If you want a job with a big company like Alpine Elements or Ski World they are cooking roles too so I suggest doing a cookery course. There is a cookery school called Orchards that do a course specifically for chalet hosts and you could meet people that are going to the same resort as you. Hope this helps
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    Wow thanks that's so helpful. I can cook but some of the job applications made it sound like you needed to be a professional chef so the company you went with sounds good! I'll check out Brambles and see if they're offering any positions!
    Not a great skier at the moment (just from lack of practice) so reassuring to know its easy to improve quickly

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Updated: May 3, 2016
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