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UK school asks for public donations to support migrant students

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    A primary school in Scotland that has no native Scottish children attending is struggling to provide for it's students, most of whom cannot speak English well enough to benefit from the teachers.

    The school's students are made up mainly of Slovakian, Asian, and Romanian students, and as none of the teachers there speak anything other than English the school has begun looking for funding outside the usual channels to provide additional classes for students and adults alike. As it stands the students that have been there the longest act as unofficial interpreters for the newest arrivals.

    Encase you are wondering what a donation buys you, or the children, here's a break down should you feel like making a contribution.
    I wonder how a 'trip to the seaside' is suppose to develop English skills. I suppose they know what they are doing.

    EDIT; can someone help me find a link to the donation page so I can include it in the OP? I can't seem to find it.

    "The cash raised will be spent on board games like Guess Who? or Articulate, which for £10 help pupils learn words and social skills, according to the cash appeal.A donation of £100 could be used to pay for after school classes for students and parents to learn English together.Around £200 may finance a trip away to the seaside or out of Glasgow into the Scottish countryside. £500 could fund a new playground and £1,000 would be enough for an outdoor classroom. "http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3569230/Primary-school-Glasgow-222-pupils-not-single-one-Scottish-Headteacher-pleads-crowdfunding-cash-teach-Slovakian-Asian-Romanian-pupils.html#comments


    That;s nice of them.

    Good stuff!
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Updated: May 2, 2016
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