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Feeling so confused at the moment ...

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    Hi all,I've been going out with this girl for a few months, it's been going strong and we have a really good connection.

    A few days ago, I asked how we were doing as a twosome and I got the answer that we are doing 'okay', but she was a bit concerned about whether we were 'compatible'.

    This came as a shock to me as I genuinely thought we were doing well. We make each other laugh, have great banter and I feel really comfortable around her.In any case, we have been continuing to talk and are about to go on another date in a few days.I'm so confused and feeling a bit deflated.

    I'm usually a good judge on these things, but apparently not. How can she question our compatibility and then talk and go on dates? Ladies, you'll need to explain this to me.

    Could be any number of things man. Sometimes people take a bit longer to get feelings for someone, or in some cases as they spend more time around someone, they actually lose feelings. All you gotta think is, it's still on going, so stick at it and play it out. Ask her exactly why she thinks that, without being pushy and weird. Talking is one of the most important things, by asking perhaps you'll find out that it's something that can be worked on.

    It is tough to answer without knowing all the details. Also despite the adage that all women are the same... We are all very different. I agree with Richci that talking is always a good thing. Without sounding pushy ask her how she feels. If she doesn't think the relationship is going anywhere then it may be time to cut your losses before you get to vested and end up getting hurt. She may be in the friend zone or not looking for love at the moment. I would talk to her and tell her how you feel, where you see or would like to see your relationship going. It could be she is afraid to get hurt also.

    Just a thought. Good luck.
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Updated: May 2, 2016
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