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EU Law problem question

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    i have got a problem question for EU. Just wanted to make sure that the way im doing it is right.
    "Choki is a major German producer of chocolate products. It exports its products across the EU, and typically supplies 3,000 tonnes of chocolate products a year to French supermarkets. It markets its products throughout the EU using a successful TV advert starring Kirsten Dunst. Since August of 2015, all of its exports of chocolate products to France have been refused entry at the French border. The reason given by the French border authorities is that Choki uses Carigan (fictitious), an additive that may be damaging to human health. The scientific evidence relating to Carigan is inconclusive, but a documentary aired on the effects of Carigan on French TV gave rise to a movement against Carigan that eventually lead to a law being passed in France banning the sale of all products containing Carigan.
    France has additionally banned the advertising of all sweets, including chocolate, on French TV in an attempt to curb raising rates of obesity.
    Advise Choki as to its rights in relation to the selling and advertising of its products in France."

    basically what i wanted to confirms is that the act of French border to refuse entry to all Choki products, is it a quantitative restriction or a measure having equivalent effect? and why?

    please help
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Updated: May 2, 2016
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