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I remain sceptical of Asexuality, but am open to being convinced otherwise

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    Firstly, no idea what category this belongs in so my apologies.

    I will admit, I would have sworn it was not legitimate at one point, I did not believe for an instance Asexuality was a form of sexuality.

    I have recently spoke to people about it and they linked studies and so on. I have moved into the territory of being sceptical but open to accepting it. It's not out of spite that I disregarded it at first, nor was it the concept (I have studied it best I can), but rather the practical legitimacy of it.

    I tried engaging in conversation with someone and said this is my mindset, but it resulted in little discussion and me being called an "ignorant bigot" by some girl. She was asexual I believe or at least she seemed to know a lot about it but nonetheless she took my mindset on the matter personal.

    I was hoping some people on here who identified as asexual would not mind giving me an insight into their lives, nothing specific, moreso how it influences their way of thinking, social interactions and the struggles it presents.

    Like I said, I remain sceptical, I always take psychology research with a touch of salt. But I am open to accepting it and believe real life accounts will change my thinking.

    I will add, please keep the peace, if me being on the fence about it annoys you just don't post and leave it at that, thanks.

    Correct thing to do when someone is talking about their lived experience: shut up and listen. Stick some cake in your mouth if it stops you trying to tell them you know better than they do - it's better than being caught with your foot there...

    Although there's nothing more annoying than being slammed with the 'bigot' banner by someone if you haven't said anything outright offensive and are just trying to find out more, a general rule of thumb is: if you don't really know anything about a different sexuality and you don't identify with that orientation, then it is probably best to believe the word of someone who does
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