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I have paid for goods on gumtree but never recieved them

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    Dear Users

    I have been scammed on gumtree. I have made a payment of £85, via bank transfer for a car part. However it has been 2 weeks and I have not recieved the car part, and the seller does not answer his phone. I know it should be here by now, as he lived only 100 miles away from me.

    All I have in terms of the sellers details is the following:

    Full Name
    Contact number
    Account number + Sort Code

    Is there anything I can do? Police say its a civil matter, when i phone them on the non emergency line.

    Will trading standards be able to help or would they realistcally even take the case on, baring in mind that I have not got the sellers address. Will they bother tracing his phone number or requesting the bank for his living address.

    Upi need to learn the lesson that you are totally reliant on the seller if you send them cash. If you had used paypal or a cr4edit card you might have stood a chance. basically youve given someone £85 who you dont know and hes done a runner. Pating cash is the absolute worst way and you cant trace it.

    Doubt trading standards will help. Waht do you expect them to do? Contact Gumtree through livechat. They might have his details. You cna then try and sue them.

    Ahhh no, shouldn't have paid that way. Paypal, always.

    Report to action fraud, but no you have almost no recourse.

    If you can find their address (electoral roll websites, using area and full name), you can send a letter which might be enough; or even try through small claims (money claim online)

    personally i don't trust gumtree so i will only collect cash in hand for stuff i have travelled 70 miles before to make a pick up

    Always use Paypal with a credit card and if you cannot then atleast just use your credit card. Otherwise don't bother because you're f*cked if things go wrong.
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Updated: May 3, 2016
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