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Help with Contract problem question

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    Eric and Fred decide to go into business mowing lawns for afixed fee of £15 per lawn and place an advertisement to this effect in a localnewspaper, giving a telephone number for people to call and stating that theyoffer a ‘next day’ service. They mention in the advertisement that they havepromised to give £2 from any £15 fees which they earn in the next six months tocharity. George reads their advertisement and tells Eric and Fred that he willmatch any donation which they make to the charity over the same period.Hilda calls Eric and Fred asking them to mow her lawn. They arenot at home to receive her call but it is recorded on their answering machine. WhenEric and Fred go to Hilda’s house to mow her lawn she tells them that she haschanged her mind and no longer requires the services.After Eric and Fred have been in business for five monthsthey receive a letter from George saying that because of a personal financialcrisis he will be unable to honour his commitment to match theircharity-raising effort. Eric and Fred have made donations of £500 to the charitybut being now in financial difficulties have decided to make no furtherdonations.Advice Eric and Fred.

    I am just confused with this question in some aspects. Firstly, is it a unilateral contract by way of invitation to treat or a bilateral? As the act is mowing lawns for a fee. Also, is there any relevance with the charity involved in the topic of Offer and Acceptance?
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