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Is Warwick's LGBT scene unusually small??

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    Hi, I'm an A-Level lesbian student who's supposed to be choosing their firm and insurance offers in about two days time. I like the idea of Warwick, but one of the big reasons I want to go to uni is in order to get into the LGBTQIA and Feminist campaigning scene (the other uni's I'm looking at are Manchester, Kent, and Lancaster). Warwick offers a specialism in Gender Studies, which is great, but from what I've heard it has a much lower than average LGBT student population, only about 4%. It would be horribly ironic if I went to university excited about getting more involved in the scene, and ended up having less LGBT friends than I do now. So, does anyone have any experience with Warwick's feminist, lgbt and political side? Thanks in advance

    You know, it's not forbidden for non-LGBT to involve themselves in the scene... I intend to join the "Warwick Anti-Sexism" society, which has close links to the LGBT and Anti-Racism societies, even if I'm not a girl myself. Not saying that it's weird for a guy to be a feminist, but you do not have to suffer a lot from prejudices and injustices to camapign and try to make things better. As long as we believe in the same future, everything is fine, right?
    Maybe that you won't have more LGBT friends than now, but your heterosexual ones could be as active as you to defend the rights of everyone!


    I'm a warwick student and I'm a part of the political societies ( anti racism and sexism). I've seen some of the stuff PrideSoc do (our lgbt+) soc. Personally I think they're great. These societies are really tight knit and so you get to meet a people from a range of background and experiences. Pridesoc tend to have great informative sessions, debates and talks but also have nights out if you're interested in that. Joining societies in general will allow you to meet LGBT people, it's also important to remember that quite a few people won't answer the question about being non straight, so the 4% is most likely under the actual percentage. All in all the political scene is very active, we also have weeks dedicated to mental health, women and I know there's a week for LGBT but I can't remember what it's called.

    There's a huge LGBT following, I don't know how it compares to other universities but they're really active and social.
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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