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Is a career in audit (or at the Big Four in general) boring?

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    I'm asking this as I'm considering aiming to be an Audit Associate at possibly a Big Four firm, however I'd like some people to hopefully enlighten me of some of the pros and cons of an audit job.


    Not audit but I work at a Big Four firm so these are very general:

    1. Deloitte/PwC/etc. on your CV which is useful when you decide to get out to industry for better work/life balance with better pay.
    2. Experience with FTSE100 clients--good for CV and experience
    3. Very stable career--you've got to **** up big time before you can get fired (assuming you pass your exams of course; you can get fired for failing those)
    4. You get to know the ins and outs of the operations of business and can become an/the expert in your field
    5. Potential to travel overseas to work
    6. You wear a suit everyday so you can pretend to be some big-shot businessman when walking on the streets. Just be vague (or precise if you're a try-hard) if asked what you do.
    7. You get paid ££££ compared to your friends, but...
    1. ... you don't get paid as much as the other guys in tax/consulting etc considering the work you do (expect a lot of unpaid overtime). Even though it's still a decent salary it's a big deal psychologically.
    2. Long hours, both work and study (do not expect to have a life on weekends or evenings, especially if studying for exams)
    3. Office politics (learn to get your tongue brown)
    4. Honestly speaking, it's incredibly boring and unfulfilling work. In general, people stay in until they either get to Manager because of Pro #1, or to Partner because of the other 6 points.
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Updated: June 1, 2016
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